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Non Surgical Microcurrent Facial Lifting
Dermalift Microface Intense

As we age, so does our skin. Skin can become tired, dull looking and lack that certain youthful glow, Now, the renowned Dermalift non surgical facial lifting treatment from Silhouette International, provides a real alternative to facial surgery to combat the signs of ageing.

The Dermalift Microface treatment uses microcurrent technology to deliver time pulses and frequencies of a specific chosen wave-form which is then gently applied through specially designed facial probes. 

The Dermalift treatment excels in dealing with the signs of ageing such as facial lines and wrinkles. It has the ability to reduce those tell-tale signs and bring back the natural glow and elasticity that is associated with youthful skin.

Benefits of Dermalift

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles 

  • Facial muscles lifted and toned

  • Firming of facial contours

  • A more youthful appearance 

  • Finer pores due to increased elasticity 

  • Reduction in puffiness around the eye area

  • Improvement in acned skin

  • A fresher, improved complexion

  • A much younger skin texture

  • Reduction in expression and stress lines

  • Improvement in moisture retention

Is Dermalift comfortable 

A Dermalift treatment is extremely comfortable. when the gentle probes and microcurrent technology is applied to the facial muscles and tissue of the face, neck, and throat, they gently stimulate those areas that have lost their youthful glow and resilience. The finer lines that have formed around the eyes will start to diminish and your skin texture will take on a much fresher appearance feeling smoother and regenerated. 


How many treatments will I need?

Normally a series of six to ten sessions are needed for the optimum results to be achieved, ideally 2 a week for the initial course. Followed by visits to the salon every four to six weeks to maintain the more youthful fresher and healthier appearance that your face will have become accustomed to.

Before & After






Should I use anything at home?
Yes, we offer a range of home-use products that are formulated to work in synergy, complimenting your Dermalift treatment.
These will continue maintaining and maximising the results of your individual facial treatment.

These results driven products are based upon the finest and most effective ingredients such as Marine Collagen, Caviar, Peach Kernel, AHA's Royal Jelly, Propolis and much more.
You'll see and feel the difference.

Try Dermalift with Dermafusion

Exclusively available here, why not try the Dermafusion facial in conjunction with the Dermalift  facial lifting treatment.

The Dermafusion Facial is the professional infusion of specifically selected interactive ingredients which synergistically work in harmony to treat and prevent the signs of ageing. Whether you would like a precise or dedicated facial or just wish to maintain youthful and attractive skin, you can be confident that the Dermafusion range of facials will leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated.
The Dermafusion procedure uses gentle micro-pulses that successfully achieves twice the penetration of interactive skincare products in half the time of other conventional facial routines.

The Dermafusion range of skincare includes masks and ampoules that will be used in conjunction with the fantastic infused treatment and includes luxury treatments such as Caviar, Collagen, Bofusion and much more. Ask your therapist for further details.








*Microface Intense Treatment Program x6

Course of 6 treatments (1 free), ideally two treatments are taken each week as a course, you will need your treatments pre-booked in advance in salon. 1st and 6th treatment will be the Microface Intense + Dermafusion

*Microface Intense Treatment Program x10

Course of 10 treatments (2 free), ideally two treatments are taken each week as a course, you will need your treatments pre-booked in advance in salon.
1st, 5th and 10th treatment will be the Microface Intense + Dermafusion

According to studies, microcurrent can increase collagen production up to 14%, elastin production up to 48% and blood circulation by up to 38%


Images courtesy of Silhouette International

Microface Intense

1 hr


Microface Intense + Dermafusion

1hr 30 mins


Microface Intense Course x6*


Microface Intense Course x10*

1 hr


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