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Introduction to Nimue

Nimue Skin Technology is a derma-cosmeceutical brand that was developed in 1994 by leading skincare scientists and plastic surgeons aimed at the medical market for pre- and post-operative application.

Since then, Nimue has evolved into a globally recognised professional skincare brand, renowned for an expert understanding of the skin, innovative formulations, cutting edge technology and effective combination, concentration and strength of active ingredients.

“At Nimue Skin Technology, we treat the cause and not the symptom of a skin condition through our innovative skin classification concept system. Our results-orientated approach of professionally administered treatments, complemented by prescribed home care products, ensures clients see significant visible results that drive brand loyalty and keep them coming back”

Nimue’s advanced and powerful formulations effectively assist in treating the majority of skin concerns including: fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dryness, oiliness, acne.

3 Phase system

To ensure the best results from your skin health journey, Nimue recommends a 3 phase system that is based on the application of 2 levels of prescribed homecare products and regular prescribed professional treatments to complete the circle of skin health.

Nimue's prescribed homecare products support the professionally administered treatments, preparing the skin to achieve optimum results during treatments. Professional treatments in turn enhance the penetration of the active ingredients in Nimue's prescribed homecare products

Phase 1- Core homecare products = 30% improvement
Phase 2- Active homecare product = 20% improvement
Phase 3- Professional Salon treatment = 50% improvement

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