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Treatment List

At Enjays Beauty I offer a wide range of Beauty Treatments with top quality products.

Skin Treatments

Nimue Professional Treatments enhances the efficiency of your homecare products and accelerates the skin rejuvenation process. Combining homecare products with professional treatments can result in up to 50% improvement in overall skin health.


Skin Consultation 20min 

FREE consultation for those wishing to start using Nimue Skincare or receive a course of professional peels. We only sell Nimue products and advanced treatments via a consultation. Your suggested home care routine and a course of treatments will be recommended to you based on your skin classification, concerns, physical conditions and budget.

Taster Facial 30min 30.00
Try the Nimue Phase 1 homecare products in this 30 minute taster treatment, ideal for a quick pamper or if you're considering investing in Nimue homecare to prepare your skin for more advanced treatments.
Essential Enzyme Facial 30min 30.00 
An express exfoliating treatment, consisting of a double cleanse, enzymatic exfoliation, customised serum to suit your skin, pressure point facial massage, and aftercare. 

Deep Cleansing Treatment 60min 45.00
A treatment designed to deep cleanse problematic skin with pustules, oiliness and congestion. It effectively purifies and clarifies helping to refine the skin texture.

Therapeutic Treatment 60min 45.00
A results orientated relaxing treatment, customised to your specific skin requirements with all the essentials including cleanse, exfoliate, gentle steam, massage and mask.

Thermal Detox Peel 30min 37.00
A 4-in 1 deep cleansing, detoxifying and exfoliating treatment with a unique combination of a foaming action and thermo-sensory mechanism to improve skin oxygenation. This flash treatment decreases skin impurities and excess oil, refines the pores, softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin more radiant

Hyaluronic Power Fusion Peel 60min 55.00

This facial is a gentle yet incredibly effective peel, that plumps out fine lines and wrinkles, which leaves the skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, more even, plump and glowing.
Smart Micropeel 60min 58.00

Active Rejuvenation Treatment 60min 60.00 course of 6 300.00
A specialised, active, skin rejuvenation treatment with 15% Bio-Active Complex. It is a potent, yet gentle, active treatment that delivers powerful results that targets sun damage, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores resulting in increased elasticity, renewed radiance and overall skin smoothness.

35% Glycolic Peel Facial 60min 65.00 course of 6 325.00

A specialised, deep exfoliating treatment that safely removes dead skin cells for improved texture and appearance in dry, dehydrated and ageing skin.

Smart Resurfacer Peel Facial 60min 70.00 course of 6 350.00

An intense, smart technology skin resurfacing treatment designed to smooth skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tone. This cutting-edge peel delivers immediate results with minimal discomfort for a tight and radiant skin.

SRC Peel 60min 70.00 Course of 6 350.00
A highly specialised, powerful skin resurfacing treatment that uses a blend of acids tailored to your skin classification. Skin is prepped with an enzymatic peel to decongest the skin followed by the SRC Peel which will be applied for 5-10 mins depending on skin concern. Finished off by your choice of mask, (Peel off or anti-ageing) and enjoy a hand and arm massage whilst the products are penetrating the skin with After Care and SPF. *only available to those who have completed Phase 1 & Phase 2 homecare.
Microneedling Treatment 60min 120.00 course of 6 600.00 

A visible skin rejuvenation treatment with a specialised microneedle device for collagen stimulation. The treatment is customised with Nimue state of the art Transdermal Solutions and Super Fluids for superior results on skin ageing.

Dermalift Microface Intense

The Dermalift Intense non surgical face lift, delivers low levels of electrical current that are passed through the skin to stimulate the Golgi tendon organ of the muscle (the area responsible for muscle tone and tightness) leading to the re-education of the effected muscle, yielding to results such as lifted brows, reduced hooding in the eyes, lifted sagging in the cheek and jaw/jowl regions. Not to mention significant reduction in the signs of over contracted muscles which lead to frown lines, crows feet and smile lines.

Important Note: These electrical facial treatments are not suitable for pregnant clients, clients with history of heart disease / disorders, pace makers, metal implants in body, history of migraines, epilepsy, complications of nervous disorders.

Microface Intense 60min 60.00
Microface Intense + Dermafusion 90min 75.00

Microface Intense Treatment Program course x6 330.00

Course of 6 treatments (1 free), ideally two treatments are taken each week as a course, you will need your treatments pre-booked in advance in salon.
1st and 6th treatment will be the Microface Intense & Dermafusion

Microface Intense Treatment Program course x10 525.00

Course of 10 treatments (2 free), ideally two treatments are taken each week as a course, you will need your treatments pre-booked in advance in salon.
1st, 5th and 10th treatment will be the Microface Intense & Dermafusion

Body Treatments

Massage induces relaxation, eases aches and pains and promotes an overall wellbeing.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30min 30.00
Back of Body Massage 40min 36.00
Full Body Swedish Massage 60min 43.00
Deep Tissue Massage 60min 45.00

Lava Shell Back Massage 40min 45.00
Lava Shell Full Body Massage 60min 55.00

Hair Removal

​Wax:One is a premium wax with the highest quality ingredients, with a low melting temperature promises you the most pain free hair removal, leaving you silky smooth.

Full Leg 45min 28.00
Half Leg 30min 18.00
Bikini 15min 13.00
Extended Bikini 20min 16.00
G String 30min 23.00
Brazilian 45min 30.00
Hollywood 60min 32.00
Underarm 15min 10.00
1 area (lip, chin, neck, sides of face) 10min 7.00
2 area (lip, chin, neck, sides of face) 15min 11.00
3 area (lip, chin, neck, sides of face) 20min 15.00
Lip, chin, neck, sides of face 30min 17.00
Eyebrows 15min 12.00
Eyebrow Threading 15min 12.00
Face Threading (ex eyebrows) 30min 20.00

Eye Enhancements

Giving more definition can perfectly shape the face and define the eyes.
With HD Brows and Nouveau Lashes.

Eyebrow Wax & Tint* 30min 18.00

HD Brows* 45min 26.00

Eyebrow Tint* 20min 12.00
Eyelash Tint* 30min 16.00
Brow Lamination* 60min 40.00

Lami Maintenance* 30min 18.00
LVL Lash Lift* 60min 45.00

Hands & Feet

CND Almond Manicure & Marine Spa Pedicure to hydrate and soothe hands and feet, finished with CND Vinylux polish or add CND Shellac.

Tidy Up/Toes 15min 12.00
File & Polish/Toes 30min 20.00
Manicure/Pedicure 45min 25.00
Spa Manicure/Pedicure 60min 32.00
Add Shellac 15min 6.00

CND Shellac

The Original CND Shellac brand giving you 14+ day wear, zero dry time, no nail damage.

Shellac Hands/Feet 60min 28.00
Re-Shellac Hands/Feet 60min 28.00
Shellac Removal Inc. Tidy Up 20min 12.00

Add Plexigel BIAB 30min 10.00
Nail Art from 3.00

Spray Tanning

A St Tropez Spray Tan Treatment gives you a fast, flawless tan with professional results. Choose from Self Tan Classic, Dark, Express or Luxe for a natural looking tan to suit every skin tone.

Full Body 20min 25.00
Half Body 15min 20.00

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