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The 3 Phases of Nimue Skin Care Journey

Nimue is a globally recognised derma-cosmeceutical skincare brand, (what is a derma-cosmeceutical check out my other blog here) that focuses on skin health above all else it focuses on the root cause of a skin symptom, not just the symptom. It has 4 main principles, rejuvenation, restoration, anti-oxidation and sun protection. It uses a gentle approach using AHA’s Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Citric Acid to improve the skins health.

First action is finding out which skin classification you are. Nimue uses a unique classification system being Environmentally Damaged, Problematic, Hyperpigmented and Interactive. Once we’ve got this, from a thorough skin consultation, we can start you off on the Phase 1 Core homecare products which usually consist of your basic regime, Cleansing Gel, Conditioner, Day & Night Moisturisers, Exfoliating Enzyme and SPF after using this for 4-6 weeks a 30% noticeable improvement will be seen in skin health. You can certainly remain at this point if happy with your results, but if your anything like me once you’ve seen results you want more. So, the next step in the journey is Phase 2, which is simply adding one more product to your night time routine, which is your ‘Active’ product this would be applied every other night, before your night time moisturiser so really easy to slip into your current skin care regime. These Active products consist of either a Gel, Lotion or Wipe, which ever is best for your skin classification. After 2-4 weeks of using this extra product, your going to see a further 20% improvement in skin health.

Then last but certainly not least is your Phase 3, which Is your professional in salon treatments. Your phase 1 & 2 is your prep, your warm up to Phase 3, this ensures we can do the deepest of peels with no to minimal downtime after your treatment, no skin shedding here. You can go straight back to work without anybody knowing you’ve had a peel treatment, apart from the fantastic radiant glow from your skin, and we all love showing off that post facial glow.

Phase 1- Core homecare products = 30% improvement Phase 2- Active homecare product = 20% improvement Phase 3- Professional Salon treatment = 50% improvement

To book a skin consultation or to further your journey, please get in touch with me Nadine at Enjays Beauty

Nadine Onscreen Enjays Beauty

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