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Love the Planet

Most of us by now are aware of global warming and the need to be more eco-friendly, but many of us are a bit lost at where to begin, most have us have incorporated recycling into our lives and that has become second nature.

Now as a beauty therapist I am completely aware of just how much plastic waste the beauty industry generates, it’s a lot. Now obviously within my treatment room, we’re unable to change much of that because of hygiene, but we can make a difference individually at home.

How many of us would be willing to choose a more sustainable kinder option for our planet, just by swapping some of our most used single use items for reusable, this may mean a little more effort on our part by washing them, but just like the recycling this would eventually become second nature.

Easy Swaps

  • Some easy swaps in your beauty routine could be, your cotton pads that you use to remove your eye makeup or apply your toner, could be swapped for these Organic Makeup Rounds, get a few and these and they can be washed in your normal load, ready to be used again and again.

  • My next pet hate, Cleansing Wipes, firstly they are not kind to the skin and most definitely not the kindest to the environment, these can easily be swapped out back to the good old fashioned flannel, however we’ve got some beautiful silky soft organically grown cotton and Bamboo Flannels in a crisp white, which looks very hotel chic in any bathroom.

  • Now were getting onto the body let’s talk about exfoliators, in case you didn’t know a lot of exfoliators can actually be made of small plastic, which end up going down the drain and into our oceans. We can easily change that by using one of our Body Buff none sponges, again made from organic cotton, bamboo, and the scraps left over from the makeup rounds, how neat is that knowing every piece is being used, meaning no wastage.

  • I’ve really saved the best till last here, this was very new to me, so most standard sponges are made from plastic, which we’ve already covered, are not good for the environment. Then did you know that real sponges are live creatures at the bottom of the ocean, which aren’t always sustainably harvested, and let’s be honest is it really necessary for us to use them to wash our body with? No. In comes in the Konjac Sponge, these are made from the root of a konjac plant and remain hard until soaked in water, then they become silky soft and can even be incorporated into your face cleansing routine.

Talking about face cleansing another fab point to note, is our skincare brand, Nimue Skin Technology is one of the only skincare brands globally to offer a refill system on their best sellers. This feature ensures that you’re only paying for their premium packaging once and then save as much as 30% on the refills making it kind to the pocket and kind to the planet.

There’s also local refillable stores popping up in local towns where you can take in your own containers and fill up on your favourite food items, only paying for the weight rather than all the plastic packaging. To have a pantry full like this would be my dream.

So if we each take small steps, we can all make a huge difference to our planet Earth.

Nadine Onscreen Enjays Beauty

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