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Luxury at home facial kit: The art of pampering (made easy)

This at home luxury facial kit with its fool proof video guide is a must try. It’s the next best thing to being allowed back in to the beauty rooms.

I’m a big believer in self-care and the art of pampering, but with the beauty treatment industry out of action due to the pandemic, I’ve had to have a rethink about how to get close to that indulgent pampering experience without leaving the house. With perfect timing, I was over the moon when Nadine from Enjays Beauty gifted me one of their brand new at home luxury facial kits to try (exclusively available for £30, here.

As part of my home pampering, I’ve made a real effort over the last few months to make sure that my hormonal acne prone skin has become a priority, so, after an initial chat with Nadine I was asked to fill in a skin questionnaire – nothing complicated, just a bit of background on my skin concerns and the products that I currently use.

In my mission to discover what my skins likes (and very much dislikes) this year, I’ve developed the bad habit of throwing every type of serum I could get my hands on at my face. After reviewing my questionnaire, Nadine very helpfully gave me some pointers about these products, and, more importantly, was able to personalise my at home facial box to include the right kind of products for my skin type, taking all of the guesswork out of it. The products are all Nimue, which can only be recommended by trained consultants, so you know you’re getting the absolute best for your skin.

After my box was delivered, the hardest part of the facial was finding the perfect time to do it. I chose a Friday night, and a very big glass of red wine too - perfect. When I first opened my personalised box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a divine smelling candle and a luxurious hand cream had been included to bring the beauty room atmosphere right in to your home. The set up is minimal, you’ll just need some warm water and a device to access the super useful video guide that Enjays Beauty have put together for this kit, so even if you’ve never attempted an at home facial before, this makes it foolproof.

The facial comes with six pots of different products, and a seventh for the hand cream (enough to last you a little while afterwards too) – and even includes the beauty tools needed to get the best of this at home facial. The step by step video guides you through which pot to use, and more importantly what to do with the contents, so as soon as you begin with pot number one, you’ll start to feel more and more relaxed. The video even includes timed breaks to leave certain products on – a little touch that means no messing about with setting timers. Bliss.

By pot number three which is the enzyme exfoliator, my skin has never felt so soft (I’d say it was witchcraft if I didn’t already know the benefits of facials). It’s definitely worth knowing that you can buy full sized version of all the products separately, and the box even comes with a voucher towards a full facial when Enjays Beauty reopens too.

Next up came the mask, there are six different masks in total, and yours will be chosen based on your skin questionnaire. Mine was clay based to help combat my troublesome skin and I applied this using the brush that came with the kit. I don’t know about you, but I hate applying face masks with my fingers, so the brush is a little extra touch of luxury.

The whole process takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and the great thing about the video is that if you need to pause it for any reason, you can. The full facial routine can be done once a week, however the individual bits can be used at different frequency, so if you have any remaining product after your facial is finished, don’t let them go to waste! The cleanse, condition and moisturise can be twice daily, the enzyme exfoliator twice a week and the mask once or twice a week.

While the kits are currently a limited edition, I’m hoping that they’ll stick around when the pandemic is over as they make the perfect gift option for your nearest and dearest in need of a pick me up through the post (vouchers available here).

My final verdict on this at home luxury facial kit is that it’s well worth trying. The whole process was thoroughly luxurious and relaxing, and it truly is the next best thing to being able to get back in to the beauty rooms.

Pandora Lloyd Harvey

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