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The Silent Treatment

Noooo, I’m not giving you ‘the’ silent treatment, but I can offer you ‘A Silent Treatment’.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been to the salon, there’s so much to catch up on but then there is sooo much stress in the world, that we still need to wind down and relax.

So I am offering you the choice to have a silent treatment, this is perfect for those of you who may want to just switch off during your appointment have some peace and quiet, enjoy some ‘me time’ which is so important, you might even just be fed up of talking Covid, because let’s face it there isn’t much else.

You may even feel under pressure to make conversation with me your beauty therapist, but I’d never want you to feel under pressure. My job is to make your treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible, you're more than welcome to even pop some headphones in and just completely zone out.

All you have to do is mention at the beginning of the treatment or pop it in the notes when booking online ‘Silent’ and no judgement, no offence will be taken. I completely understand the need for time to yourself.

Conversation will then be kept to minimum. I will still talk you though your consultation and any treatment related information throughout your service, but the rest of the time is yours to enjoy. Nadine Onscreen Enjays Beauty

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