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Why faking it is better than baking it!

Did you know that 80% of ageing come from the sun!!

Yup that’s right, and that’s whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or not, even in winter you still need your SPF, and also sunbeds, don't be fooled into thinking it's safer because it’s a controlled amount of UV on a sunbed its actually magnified, getting a tan in that amount of minutes. It's not safer.

So that's right, that glorious golden brown tan that you now have is essentially just sun damage, and if you keep it up, is going to get wrinkly and leather looking in years to come.

Don't get me wrong I'm no angel, I was a sun worshipper a few years ago. I used to go on sunbeds convincing myself I was getting a base tan, which would protect me (it doesn’t). I even lived abroad in Tenerife and it was the norm for some of us to quite literally use Carrot Oil with NO SPF in, to basically cook our skin.

(I must input here I do not condone this sort of behaviour anymore, slap on the wrist.)

Before this I would burn and then go immediately back to white. So I tried fake tans, these were back in the day, where we had Johnson's Gradual Lotion, who remember that one, the yellow bottle that left you orange.

Not like the new ones nowadays, we literally have no excuse, they are so easy to use, like the easy to apply St Tropez Gradual Tan, they are pretty much fool proof, which leaves a streak free, golden brown natural looking tan.

I've learned in my years that there is NO such thing as a healthy real natural tan.

Any tan is melanin production in your skin, which is loosely called sun damage.

All is not lost though, skin has a miraculous way of healing itself.

Last note, prevention is better than cure, WEAR YOUR SPF EVERYDAY! More on SPF in my next blog…

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