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Your #1 skincare must have!!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Most of you have probably wondered....

What do I really need?

What’s the MOST important product for my skin?

I hope I have your attention now, I’m going to let you in on the big secret, so keep reading.

80% of skins ageing come from the sun, now the sun emits 3 different UV rays, there UVC, which is blocked by the ozone layer (thankyou, one less to worry about), then there’s UVB, which is the one that causes most skin cancers and sunburn, lastly we have UVA, which can penetrate through glass, so that’s right, sitting in your car, conservatory or by a window, and your skin will still be exposed to UV rays.

What happens to your skin when exposed to UV?

Within your skin are pigment producing cells. These get stimulated on exposure to UV and then produce melanin, which is the body’s natural sunscreen. This is the colour you see when you have a tan, and is the skins way of saying “don’t do this to me”.

So it would make sense that the main way to prevent this is by using SPF!

Yes the holy grail of products is your simple SPF, it’s almost always overlooked, but should definitely be in your everyday skincare routine.

What type of SPF do you need?

A minimum SPF30 that protects from both UVA and UVB rays is recommended, but this isn’t really something you want to skimp on.

Your skin in your 50’s will thank you if you look after it in your 20’s. An SPF 40 or 50 is best and there’s loads of different ones nowadays, I’ve featured some Nimue ones at the end of this blog.. There are - Water resistant - Sprays - Tinted, which you can use in place of your usual foundation, a 2 in 1, we love a 2 in 1. There are even ones with blue light protection! Blue light what’s that?? Blue light is everywhere it comes from the sun, but it also gets emitted from your digital devices, so your mobile, IPad, laptop, TV, everything. So when you think you’re safe having a day indoors or in the office, think again, and just get in the habit of putting your SPF on every single day.

Enjoy the sunshine safely. Nadine Onscreen Enjays Beauty

Nimue SunC SPF50 Environmental Shield 20ml £25 50ml £50 Nimue SunC SPF40 20ml £18.95 60ml £38 Nimue SunC SPF40 Tinted 60ml £39 Nimue SunC SPF50 Body Spray 150ml £39

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