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100 Miles in a Month

So if you’ve read my last 2 blogs Why faking it is better than baking it & Your #1 skincare must have you’ll have noticed that I’m maybe a bit obsessed with looking after your skin.

The reason why is because the potential damage that the sun can cause to your skin. Yes the big C word, Skin Cancer or Melanoma. So I decided I wanted to try and make a real difference, it’s all well and good me writing the blogs to encourage you all to wear the SPF, but now I mean business.

During this lockdown I started doing the Couch to 5k, this from someone who has said in the past

“I don’t run, jog, nothing, unless I’m running away from a zombie apocalypse, it’s not happening.”

I actually enjoyed it, I enjoyed completing the challenge for the day, and noticing I’m getting that bit further or faster each time, albeit I’m still no good, compared to the runners I see on my Strava. It’s more of a plod than a run, but I’m doing it.

So whilst scrolling through my Instagram, as we're all doing at the moment, I saw a post from Skcin which is a charity raising awareness on skin cancer, I did Skcin’s MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) training programme last year, as being a beauty therapist I see peoples skin often, being their hands when doing nails, their face, or body whilst doing a massage, and if I ever notice something untoward, I couldn’t diagnose but I could recognise. So the post I saw was this….

And I thought I’m going do that. It’s probably going to be hard, especially as I normally have a rest day at the moment with my C25K, but it’s not a challenge if it was easy, and with fingers crossed going back to work soon, I’m going to have to make time to fit it in. So starting July I'm going to Run/Jog/Walk 100 Miles in a Month, I'll track it on my Strava.

This is the first Charity Funding event I’ve ever done on my own, but it’s one I’m passionate about. It’s for Skcin & Melanoma Focus two Charities both doing their bit to help every body.

Skcin - Raising awareness and embedding the prevention and early detection of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer into the heart of communities nationwide. Melanoma Focus - Commissioning and funding innovative research into the treatment and causes of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, while providing support and information for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

I’m a little nervous about reaching my target which I’ve set at £250. If you could support me in any way possible, that would be fab.

I’ll leave the link here to my giving page.

There is also a clever way you can declutter your home and donate the proceeds, which i will also be doing myself. Follow my Facebook and Instagram to follow my progress, oh and wish me luck im going to need it. Nadine Onscreen Enjays Beauty

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